My Experience With Earthpans

I am definitely not Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray but I do work in the kitchen a little. I loved my Teflon pans but stopped using them because of the toxins and because they were chipping.

I did a little research and learned about Earth Pans. They are made of sand and ceramic base and work like a non-stick pan. The only place I found them is at J.C. Penney. Some of the feedback I read online said that the non-stick wore off quickly. However, I have had my pan for several months now and it still works great! I love it!

Another benefit is that Earth Pans are also very reasonably priced. I think only maybe $20-$40 depending on the size. If you are considering some new cookware but want to avoid the current non-stick pans out there, I would suggest that you consider Earth Pans. I hope you are as happy with them as I am!


December 26, 2010

An Update On My Experience With Earth Pans

I've had my Earth Pan for about a year now and the non-stick finish has started to wear off a bit right in the center. Not sure if it is because I use too high of a heat setting or if it is just the normal life of the pan. It doesn't chip; I just noticed that when I cook eggs that I get a thin layer of egg right in that spot.

Of course, I would have liked it to last longer but I can't expect too much when I only paid around $30 I think. Even if they only last a year, I still think it's a pretty good deal considering the health benefits.

I just purchased another 12 inch and added a 10 inch. My mom has the 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch Earth pan skillets.

Also, I've noticed that Earth Pan skillets don't come with covers. I've started to purchase some glass lids from Faberware that fit really well. 

To make it easier to find Earth Pans and the matching lids, I've made the Earth Pan products and Farberware glass lids available on this site. Hope you like them as much I as I do!  



Earth Pans Available Here!

CLICK HERE to visit our storefront (powered by which features a selection of Earth Pans and other fun kitchen tools.


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