It's Healthy to be Green!

As we learn about the health risks and environmental concerns associated with the products we use everyday, people are becoming more conscious about their purchase decisions. One important decision is in regards to cookware.



There are many different products on the market today labeled as healthy cookware, organic cookware, and environmentally friendly cookware. We even now have product such as Earth Pans and Green Pans which are specific lines of cookware tailored to the health conscious and environmentally conscious consumer. It's important to know that many are simply great marketing ploys to tap into the lucrative market arising from our country's new interest in being "green."


The term "healthy cookware" is often referring to the materials used to make the cookware. It can be very confusing these days because there is stainless steel, aluminum, annonized aluminum, infused aluminum, ceramic, iron, and a few others. And then there are all of the brands. Calphalon. Circulon. Cuisinart. All-Clad. Emmeril. Rachael Ray. Martha Stewart. Where do you start?



First it's important to know that certain materials such as aluminum have been proven to leech into your food and can cause Alzheimer's Disease, dimetia, etc. Another example is good ole Teflon. Teflon gives off a toxic gas which, when heated too high, has been proven to kill house birds. Of course everyone loves the non-stick feature so many companies have been using new non-stick technologies which SUPPOSEDLY are not harmful. Be careful with that one. From what I understand there are still some harmful components in some of these new technologies. Look for those made from ceramic or sand compounds. I hear those are healthier alternatives.


Second, note that organic cookware does not always mean healthy. I think the term "organic cookware" is often referring to cookware that has a reduced carbon imprint on the environment. It isn't necessarily made from healthy non-stick materials.



Third, there are a few new pans on the market with the ceramic non-stick and reduced carbon imprint. One is called Earth Pans and one is called Green Pans. Green Pans are sold on HSN from what I hear and I have found mixed reviews. I haven't seen many comments on Earth Pans although I did just buy one from JC Penney.


Fourth and perhaps most important, do your own research. Don't trust what the manfacturer's are putting on the labels. Do some research to make sure the materials are truly organic, green, and healthy.


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